We have trainings under Network Expertise and Network Security.

Network Expertise Training

  • “Basic Network Configuration” (Cisco / Juniper vb.)

    • With this training, the basic structure of the network is discussed and the information needed to create a simple network structure is shared.
    • Network functions, OSI Layers, the concept of TCP / IP and the concept of ethernet are the main topics of this training content.
    • Education is supported by various brand devices.
  • Routing & Switching (Cisco/Juniper vb.)
    • Routing & Switching training is provided as advanced network training. At the end of this training, specialization is provided in the design and management of a network. The content of the training includes IP addressing structure, subnetting, access to devices using IOS operating system, layer 2 and layer 3 protocol structures configuration, dynamic protocols configuration, NAT protocol structure and WAN protocol basics. In the training, different courses are provided with real-life scenarios.

Network Security Training

  • Firewall (Juniper SRX, Fortigate)
    • The basic building blocks of network security, such as Firewall training, Firewall installation and basic configuration, setting up rules, setting up IPSec VPN and SSLVPN, creating security profiles, logging and log analysis are provided.
    • Training is carried out on real devices in practice.