We are the manufacturer’s partner and since 2004 in Turkey operates with a local office in Istanbul.

As a world leader in high performance network and security technologies, Juniper Networks provides end-to-end solutions with high-performance routers, switching and security solutions to small, medium and large enterprise companies and service providers. It is located in the infrastructure of all service providers in Turkey. With gradually increasing market share Turkey its place among the leaders of the network security market is strengthening with each passing day.

Juniper Networks aims to provide an infrastructure that best meets the needs of high-performance, end-to-end network, security and management so that innovation and development-oriented companies and organizations are effectively prepared for increasing demands and make the most of the opportunities provided by differentiation. At the core of this focus is the fact that scalability, performance and reliability are not compromised. It has adopted the approach of solving the problems that its customers consider the solution as the most difficult.

Juniper Networks is recognized as the leader in the high-performance networking class, based on the results of evaluations by world-renowned external research companies.

In addition to the best IP routing, ethernet switching, integrated security and application acceleration solutions, Juniper Networks is an indispensable brand of high performance network infrastructure with its strong service and support infrastructure.

Juniper Networks products provide solutions for all sizes of needs, from endpoint to core, as well as energy and space savings.