Among the brands we support, this manufacturer is of American origin.

Arista Networks is the leading provider of high-speed network products and is preferred by the world’s largest data center and cloud companies. Arista is a technology company that sets the 400Gbps and 100Gbps standards, develops VXLAN together with VMWARE, and sets the quality standard in network software with the network operating system EoS (Extensible Operating System).

Arista Networks, with its Data Center quality, manageability and programmability in campus networks and Wi-fi networks, is leading a revolution in this field too.

Has the products and solutions that best meet the needs in the following areas, in Turkey with built-in spare store, technical team, competent business partners, domestic training and professional services resources:

– Data Center Network Products
– SDN Controller & Telemetry: Cloudvision
– Campus Spine Switches
– Cognitive Campus
– Cognitive Wi-fi
– Tapaggregation and Packet Broker
– Cloud Grade Router Solutions